darling, let's be adventurers.


"Just keep swimming" - Dory

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” 
― J.M. BarriePeter Pan

We have been spoiled yet again by another set of Adelmans.

A quick visit with Gabriel’s cousins included a grand tour of the Navitas offices and some taste testing of new products.

Up and up and up we went in the hills of San Rafael. The road meandered to and fro and offered quick glimpses of the valley but really did not prepare us for the incredible view and luxury that we would be calling ‘home’ for the next couple of nights.

One of the cultural experiences we had during this stay was a visit to Terrepin Crossroads - the Grateful Dead bar. A beautiful venue, great music, excellent food, awesome photos, but mostly the people. What seemed like a regular old bar at first glance actually had Dead Heads crawling out of the wood work.

Our last day was spent swimming in the pool with the young boys and drinking Caesars and Micheladas (not with the boys). Some Marco Polo and splash contests were had. And then we pseudo planned our Big Sur trip.

We knew everything was booked up well in advance and that illegal camping was going to be harder to get away with, but down the coast we went.

I was blown away by the coastline, just as I thought I would be, and everything was full, just as we were warned.

Before Big Sur we stopped in at the Monterey Aquarium. One of the coolest aspects of the aquarium was that you saw and learnt about all these beautiful animals inside the building, which happened to be in an old seafood cannery, but when you stepped outside onto the balcony you could see some of the animals you learnt about appear in the bay. We caught two seals playing alongside some kayakers.

On we drove passed Big Sur. Los Angeles was looking closer and closer to us and there were no suitable campsites fitting our requirements in site. Until we passed Lucia and a stunning stretch of bays. We hiked in our gear and set up camp on a rock ledge overlooking a small beach. The surfers left and were replaced by three girls who proceeded to do a nude photo shoot on the beach while we looked on from our campsite.

One more beautiful sunset on the coast before San Francisco.